Our Workflow

As an ancient Chinese saying goes, "The water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up." (水能载舟,亦能覆舟) By the same token, high-quality translation can be regarded as strategic investment for fast global growth, while unprofessional and inaccurate translation can cause significant losses. That is why we have created a streamlined and efficient workflow on the basis of industry experience as well as client requirements.
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Our 5-step workflow is as follows:

Document Analysis

Once we receive your translation request, we will ask you to provide all the documents needed (including glossary, style guide, reference, if any). After conducting a thorough document analysis with the assistance of CAT tools, we get to know the area of expertise, task volume and total cost. Then, we will send this quote to you for approval.

Project Assignment

Based on the above information, we will select suitable translators and reviewers to check their availability. Once confirmed, we will draw up a delivery scheme, and then assign the project to the translator and reviewer.

Translation Review

After the project has been completed in accordance with our general guidance (faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance), we will send it to the reviewer for proofreading, to ensure the verbiage, syntax, spelling and grammar of the translation conform to your expectations.

Final Check

Next, our project manager will conduct a comprehensive check to make sure the translation is flawless and accurate, compare the original and translated files to ensure impeccable formatting.

Client Delivery

We will deliver the translated file to you as scheduled. Translation memories and glossaries are kept to reduce your cost for future projects. If you find any problems that need to be fixed, we will make the required changes free of charge for you.

Interested? Ask us for details now, get a free quote in 30 minutes and watch your business thrive. Contact us at info@morningstartranslation.com or by submitting the contact form to discuss your translation needs.