Marketing and Communication

Nowadays, good wine also needs bush (好酒也怕巷子深) and it's necessary to advertise something of good quality instead of letting people discover its merits on their own. To expand your global footprint, it's vital to market your products and/or services across national, language and cultural barriers. But how? Powered by our flexible translation solutions and distinguished language experts, we can help you reach a broader audience and obtain early market shares!
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Marketing documents we translate:

·  Advertising
·  Marketing brochures
·  Marketing collateral
·  Multilingual survey
·  Posters
·  Studies
·  Ad copy
·  General marketing

·  Market research
·  Sell sheets
·  Press releases
·  Digital media
·  Promotional material
·  Product catalogs
·  Product feedback
·  Marketing and branding materials

Cross-cultural communication has always been a challenge for multinational companies and individuals who want to interact with people from around the world. With our best translation practices and extensive industry experience, you can be assured that your message will be conveyed using an appropriate tone or style.
Communication documents we translate:

·  Biographies
·  Blog or website
·  Books
·  Genealogy documents
·  Instructions
·  Personal documents
·  Social media messaging

·  Corporate communications
·  Journalism/publications 
·  Press release
·  Letters
·  Self-published materials
·  Personal correspondence
·  Email templates

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