Human Resources and L&D

Timely and effective communication between employers and employees is imperative to success and compliance. For this reason, HR team always finds it challenging to accurately convey key strategies and decisions to employees who don't speak the same language, let alone to roll out training sessions or manuals in a multilingual, multicultural environment. But fortunately, with our subject matter experts and streamlined workflow, we can translate these documents for you with accuracy and quality, and thus help you establish consistent standards across the company to achieve both financial success and legal compliance.
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Human resource documents we translate:

·  E-Learning and training course
·  Employee agreements
·  HR employee manuals
·  Standard operation procedures
·  Training guides
·  Handbooks & manuals
·  Newsletters
·  Internal communications
·  Activity reports

·  Job description
·  Information sessions
·  Internal policy files
·  Dispatch letters
·  Employee memos
·  Safety documentation
·  Legal notices
·  PowerPoint presentations
·  Codes of conduct

As an old Chinese saying goes, "Learning is like rowing upstream, not to advance is to drop back (学如逆水行舟,不进则退) ". In the face of a rapidly changing marketplace and global economy, the importance of life-long learning can never be overstated. Whether you are planning to go abroad for further studies as individuals or looking to launch multilingual learning & development programs as companies, we're thrilled to help. Combining our deep cultural understanding and professional, native-speaking translators, we can translate your files in any form speedy and accurately!
Learning&development (L&D) documents we translate:

·  Academic transcripts
·  Course introductions
·  Education materials
·  Educational websites
·  E-learning and training course
·  How-to guides
·  Interactive learning tutorials
·  International exchange agreements
·  Business&soft skills
·  Health&safety

·  Ethics&compliance
·  Management/development 
·  Sales training
·  Training presentations
·  Student consent forms
·  Student handbooks
·  Research reports
·  School websites
·  Parent consent forms
·  Learning management systems

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