Legal and Insurance

As international economic activities and transactions continue to increase, international law firms and corporate legal departments face both new challenges and opportunities. Given there is a wide disparity in law between countries, some errors may compromise the legality of the entire document, resulting in enormous losses and more problems. But we've got you covered! Combining our industry expertise and complete accuracy, we can offer you tailored translation solutions to suit your specific needs and circumstances.
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Legal documents we translate:

·  Business contracts
·  Bylaws and resolutions
·  Corporate agreements and transactions
·  Documentation of legal entities
·  Evidence books
·  Evidentiary documents
·  Federal regulations
·  GDPR compliance
·  General data protection regulation
·  General legal documents
·  Intellectual property patents
·  International treaties (conventions)
·  Judgments/memoranda
·  Labor, employment, and immigration documents
·  Laws and legal acts
·  Legal newsletters

·  Legal services brochures
·  Litigation support materials
·  Memoranda and legal opinions
·  Merger and acquisition agreement
·  Motions, pleadings and petitions
·  Parliamentary documentation
·  Patent documents
·  Product licenses
·  Prospectuses and public offerings
·  Regulatory compliance
·  Contracts & policies
·  Wills & trusts
·  Confidentiality agreements
·  Lease agreement
·  Terms & conditions
·  Legal disclaimers

Are you an insurer or reinsurer looking to expand and increase customer base in other markets? Then we're the perfect language translation partner for you! With our best localization practices and competitive price, you can achieve business success across language barriers efficiently and economically.
Insurance documents we translate:

·  Coverage plans
·  Customer service
·  Faculty directed programs
·  Global intensive experience programs
·  Insurance plan handbooks
·  Insurance policies
·  Marketing collaterals
·  Medical authorizations
·  Partnership programs

·  Patient claim documents
·  Release forms
·  Risk assessments
·  Terms and conditions
·  Underwriter documents
·  Insurance claims
·  Medical reports 
·  Insurance product development
·  Compensation procedures

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