Translation Services

As the old Chinese saying goes, “You cannot make bricks without straw (工欲善其事,必先利其器) “. To make products and/or services accessible to all across languages and cultures, companies must first translate all the information before they expand their business in foreign countries. Supported by a global network of certified translators and professional bilingual subject matter experts, we can provide high-quality human translation to help you achieve the best business outcomes.


For your peace of mind, all of our translators and proofreaders are passionate about language and always committed to providing accurate, flawless and reliable translations. In order to achieve a win-win situation, we only charge a reasonable fee for all available services so as to build a long-term and meaningful relationship with our clients!

Last but not least, we can translate multiple projects simultaneously due to our vibrant, ever-growing network of linguists and industry experts, which means you don’t have to wait forever to receive the translations. More importantly, we provide 24/7 support (over weekends and holidays) to help you seize the transient market opportunities!

In most cases, translation is not a simple process of linguistic word-for-word conversion, it can also involve syntactic process, lexical choice as well as style consistence, and that's why AI generated translations can never beat expert human translations. As we continue to grow, we can now provide translation service for industries such as corporate, business, financial, banking, legal, insurance, government, NPO, marketing, communication, human resource, learning & development, travel, hospitality, retail, e-commerce:

· Articles of incorporation
· Corporate bylaws
· Shareholder agreement
· Certificate of incorporation
· Copies of filings
· Directors’ resolutions


· Annual reports
· Business contracts
· Terms of service
· Press releases
· International affidavit
· License agreements


· IPO documents
· Bank statements
· Cross border investment
· Global regulatory compliance
· International M&A
· Investor reports/newsletters


· Bank account contracts
· E-bank localization
· Investment banking
· Prospectuses
· Profit & loss reports
· Loan & mortgage agreements


· Bylaws and resolutions
· Documentation of legal entities
· Evidentiary documents
· GDPR compliance
· Intellectual property patents
· Laws and legal acts


· Coverage plans
· Faculty directed programs
· Insurance plan handbooks
· Insurance policies
· Medical authorizations
· Patient claim documents


· Brochures and public information
· Government forms
· Legislative briefs
· Official trade documents
· Reports and white papers
· Voter guides & election guides


· Announcements
· Disclaimers
· Employment affairs 
· Donation requests
· Community event advertisements
· Educational materials


· Marketing brochures
· Multilingual Survey
· Ad copy
· Market research
· Press releases
· Product catalogs


· Blog or website
· Genealogy documents
· Social media messaging
· Journalism/publications 
· Personal correspondence
· Email templates

Human Resource

· Employee agreements
· HR employee manuals
· Standard operation procedures
· Handbooks & manuals
· Internal communications
· Information sessions

Learning & Development

· Academic transcripts
· Educational websites
· Interactive learning tutorials
· Business & soft skills
· Ethics & compliance
· Training presentations


· Airline brochures
· Cabin menus
· Duty free catalogs
· Itinerary schedules
· Public transportation guides
· Travel agent website


· Food and beverage menus
· Guest communication materials
· Hotel booking websites
· Online booking portals
· Transportation guide
· Catering agreements


· Assembly or care instructions
· Cross-border sales
· Product/service descriptions
· Safety & error reports
· Tender documents
· Transactions and contracts


· Software applications
· Customer support information
· Digital marketing campaign
· Service, and user manuals
· Product descriptions
· Terms and conditions

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