Corporate and Business

In the era of digital economy we are now facing, it's essential for companies of all sorts and sizes to reach the global market to achieve international success. Combining with our best translation practices and right language experts, we can help you bring quality multilingual content to international markets fast. Contact us today to unleash your business potential on a global scale!
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Corporate documents we translate:

·  Articles of incorporation
·  Corporate bylaws
·  Directors’ and shareholders’ resolutions
·  Shareholder agreement
·  Certificate of incorporation
·  Copies of filings (Initial and Annual Returns)
·  Provincial permits and registrations
·  Officer/director consents
·  Proxies or shareholder’s representative documents
·  Share certificates, debt obligations, membership records

·  Corporate guarantees
·  Notice of changes to address, name, or directors
·  Business number and registration
·  Employee documents
·  Commercial lease or purchase agreement
·  Financial statements, banking, loan, and investor information
·  Business plan
·  NUANS or corporate name search reports
·  Documentation relating to trademarks
·  Patents

Looking to expand your services and/or products on a global level? Need to engage your international employees, partners, and customers in other languages? Then look no further. Backed by our language experts in the ever-expanding international network and streamlined workflow, we can make your words resonate around the world, giving you access to new markets and business opportunities.
Business documents we translate:

·  Audit report/annual reports
·  Accounting documents
·  Business contracts
·  Elearning and training materials
·  Regulatory/compliance files
·  Terms of use
·  Terms of service
·  Tax and business advisory materials
·  Technical documents
·  Technology transfers
·  Social media content
·  Business plans & proposals
·  Product user guides

·  Purchase and sales agreements
·  Press releases
·  International affidavit
·  Joint venture agreements
·  License agreements
·  Non-disclosure agreements
·  Operating instructions
·  Policy manuals
·  Privacy statements
·  Employee handbook
·  Financial statements
·  Global partnership contracts
·  HR handbook

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