Government and NPO

We provide professional and certified translation services for government agencies and departments at a reasonable cost. With particular expertise in the translation of technical and sensitive documents, we help government institutions serve the public efficiently and transparently. Based on our highest professional ethical standards, you can be assured that your information, especially sensitive materials, won't be shared with third parties.
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Government documents we translate:

·  Brochures and public information
·  Government contracts
·  Government forms
·  Internal communications
·  Legal documents and legislative briefs
·  Mobile apps
·  Official trade documents
·  Reports and white papers
·  Social and health services
·  Tariff regulations

·  Technical manuals
·  Training and educational materials
·  Voter guides & election guides
·  Birth certificates
·  Marriage certificates
·  Defense documents
·  Internal report documents
·  User manuals
·  Maintenance manuals
·  Immigration and visa applications

Time waits for no man. Non-profit organizations (NPO) like public charities, foundations, social advocacy groups and trade organizations especially need to translate their content into multiple languages to get the job done. As a responsible and trustworthy translation agency, we can provide additional discount for such projects, contact us today to discuss your NPO translation needs!
NPO documents we translate:

·  Announcements
·  Legal documents
·  Disclaimers
·  Consent forms
·  Employment affairs 
·  General affairs 

·  Newsletters
·  Press releases
·  Donation requests
·  Educational & instructional materials
·  Community event advertisements
·  Informational brochures, pamphlets & handouts

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