Retail and E-commerce

In this era of globalization, selling your products and/or services internationally has become the new normal, which leads to a huge demand for translation services and localization solutions. However, retail translation is not just about translating your business messaging and communication into other languages, but also about taking customer preferences, cultural and legal differences into consideration. Backed by our complete quality assurance processes, best translation practices as well as in-depth experience, we can assist you to accelerate international product releases and speed up time-to-market!
tagalog to english translation sentence
Retail documents we translate:

·  Assembly or care instructions
·  Consent forms
·  Cross-border sales
·  Product/service descriptions
·  Safety&error reports
·  Step-by-step guide
·  System requirement documents

·  Technological training materials
·  Tender documents
·  Transactions and contracts
·  User agreements
·  User guides
·  Withdrawal forms
·  Exhibition stands

The emergence of E-shops has greatly changed the retail industry, additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic further drives people’s dependency on online shopping—buying things on the internet is becoming the new normal. According to statistics, there are over 2.14 billion online shoppers all over the world, which means e-commerce companies still have numerous opportunities and advantages to make their brands more impactful! Thanks to our subject matter experts and best localization practices, we can translate/localize every touchpoint across multiple languages to create a seamless customer experience, expand your business in any new market, and ultimately build strong brand awareness as well as achieve global success.
E-commerce documents we translate:

·  Software applications
·  Customer reviews
·  Customer support information
·  Digital interfaces
·  Digital marketing campaign
·  Training material
·  Brand advertisement
·  Website content
·  Service, and user manuals

·  Packaging
·  Presentation materials
·  Press conferences
·  Product descriptions
·  Protocols and instructions
·  Booklets
·  Brochures
·  Catalogues
·  Terms and conditions

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