Financial and Banking

Financial inclusion leads to a large increase in digital payments amid the global expansion of formal financial services. As an accounting firm or investment institution seeking potential customers and allies, it’s now or never. Powered by our expert translators and strong background in finance, we can maintain the distinctive style of financial material and accurate professional use of financial terms.
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Financial documents we translate:

·  IPO documents
·  Annual reports
·  Audit, tax, accounting materials
·  Balance sheets
·  Bank statements
·  Business plans
·  Cash flow statements
·  Cross border investment
·  Disclosure agreements
·  Financial affidavit
·  Financial contracts
·  Global regulatory compliance
·  Income statements
·  International M&A
·  Investment documentation

·  Investor reports/newsletters
·  Key investor information
·  Negative balance reports
·  Profit and loss statements
·  Regulatory documents
·  Request for proposals (RFPs)
·  SEC filing materials
·  Shareholder briefs
·  Shareholder reports
·  Statements of assets and liabilities
·  Asset management
·  Benefits information
·  Financial fact sheets
·  Hedging/risk management
·  Corporate financing, mergers & acquisitions

We are now living in an era of interconnectedness and interdependence, banking institutions must seize every opportunity and make timely decisions in a globalized world. Whether you are establishing offices in other countries or launching multilingual applications, we're thrilled to help. With our extensive industry experience and streamlined workflow, we can make your banking content accessible to all in a timely manner.
Banking documents we translate:

·  Bank account contracts
·  Credit applications
·  E-bank localization
·  Insight documents
·  Investment banking
·  Multilingual bank marketing
·  Sureties
·  Basic banking
·  Annual reports

·  Prospectuses
·  Shareholder information
·  Bank statements
·  Profit & loss reports
·  Investment marketing & investment advice
·  Investment, performance & market reports
·  Financing & licensing agreements
·  Loan & mortgage agreements
·  Derivatives, securities issues & trading

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