Travel and Hospitality

As globalization accelerates and international travel revives, airline companies, hotels and travel agents face unprecedented opportunities of growth. How to properly serve customers come from a variety of countries, cultures, and languages can be a big issue. Whether you are an international airport operator seeking to reach all corners of the world or a travel agency committed to building a global audience, we're the perfect language partner for you! With our industry-specific linguists and competitive price, you can enter the global market efficiently and economically.
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Travel documents we translate:

·  Aircraft manuals
·  Airline brochures
·  Airport guiding documents
·  Cabin menus
·  Customer facing documents
·  Duty free catalogs
·  Flash sales
·  Flight deals
·  Flight information
·  In-flight entertainment services
·  Itinerary schedules

·  Online travel booking websites
·  Public transportation guides
·  Safety information
·  Software platforms
·  Third party product descriptions
·  Time sensitive material
·  Tour leaflets
·  Travel agent website
·  Traveling guides
·  User reviews
·  Travel blogs

As far as hospitality business is concerned, there is no doubt that guest satisfaction plays a key part in retaining old customers and attracting new ones. As the enthusiasm for cross-border travel continues to soar, how to confidently engage international visitors and travelers is an urgently problem to be solved by hotels and accommodation operators. With the help of our professional native linguists with subject matter expertise in the hospitality field, you can be assured that all your content is culturally and linguistically appropriate, which will greatly improve customer experience and bring economic payoff.
Hospitality documents we translate:

·  Food and beverage menus
·  Guest communication materials
·  Hotel booking websites
·  Hotel service guides
·  In-room entertainment
·  Online booking portals

·  Promotional materials
·  Transportation guide
·  Listings of events and attractions
·  Catering agreements
·  Safety instructions
·  Accommodation contracts

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